South Africa

‘Cowboy Capitalists’ documentary features U.S. drivers running South Africa-Sudan

The documentary showcases American Ian Cox's venture in hauling on the African continent, following securement of a U.N. contract to haul military-grade vehicles of various natures from South Africa and other points to struggling South Sudan.

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Strikes, stonings back in the South African trucking mix

A three-week work stoppage by a majority of South African drivers that resorted in trucker-to-trucker violence shows history can repeat itself just one year on.

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Introducing the ‘ice road truckers’ of the South Pole

South African Times-Live correspondent Tiara Walters is the first female writer-in-residence with that country's team of research scientists probing the barren landscape of the South Pole, and her Pole Dancing blog recently chronicled the team's trek across what many Americans will be familiar with from the History Channel's Ice Road Truckers series. " Challenger drivers from the defence force heavy-duty cargo across 26 km of ice just 1.8 meters thick in parts." The provenance of the ...

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