BigRoad plans 395.15 compliant e-log, integrates with Sylectus

| June 25, 2014

BigRoad COO and cofounder Terry Frey estimates end-of-summer for the e-log, while Sylectus TMS integration with the BigRoad logging app is live today.

Sylectus launches iPhone app

| February 07, 2014

The app enables automated tracking of loads in near real-time and offers new image capture and indexing capabilities.

Carriers who pursue volume-only goal in competition are dampening good rate environment

| July 26, 2013

To many carriers "seem to want to compete this way. And who gets hurt? Drivers, small businesses, people all throughout the industry."

Understanding those happy expedite carrier CEOs

| March 15, 2012

Why are those expedite carrier CEO's so happy? I interviewed some of them to find out.

Cupid and truckers

| February 12, 2012

Some of the most in-love couples you will ever meet are crisscrossing the country in trucks.

Learning large at the Sylectus conference

| February 10, 2012

This truck driver is playing reporter at an expedite motor carrier conference,

Covering the Sylectus Annual Conference 2012

| February 09, 2012

Mixing and mingling with expedite carrier CEO's at the Sylectus conference

Gearing up for a fight with tire dealer

Phil Madsen | February 08, 2012

Diane and I may have been scammed by a tire dealer and it may be time to fight.

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