Roadwork on 2 Tennessee freeways scheduled

Interstate 65 North and South and lanes on I-24 East and West will be restricted this weekend.

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Hauler narrowly averts disaster at I-24 Middle Tennessee sinkhole

As if the Tennessee Department of Transportation didn't have enough problems already, considering the damage recent flooding did to infrastructure in the middle part of the state, Tuesday earlier this week a reportedly 25-foot-deep, 40-foot-wide, 18-foot-long sinkhole opened up on I-24 eastbound between Nashville and Chattanooga (pictured, Courtesy TDOT) that nearly swallowed up a big truck, folks on the scene reported. Luckily, TDOT employee David Shelton was in the very next vehicle on the scene and quickly pulled over and flagged drivers behind him ...

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More from greater-Nashville flood

Things continue wet, here, for anyone near the banks of the flooded Cumberland River, which reached levels not seen since well before flood-control efforts largely made it manageable since the last major event in the 1930s, which means that the flood level might easily be described as "100-year" or some longer period -- "epic" is probably good enough, I imagine. The situation at the TA for the majority of the drivers with dry trucks is over -- ...

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