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FMCSA: Mexican carrier passes review

FMCSA has named first Mexican carrier expected to receive provisional operating authority, but will extend review of a second applicant.

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First Mexican carriers pass cross-border audit

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has published information on Pre-Authorization Safety Audits for Mexican carriers.

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Mexico adds more tariffs

Mexico increased to 99 the number of U.S. products with retaliatory tariffs.

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‘A door just opened’: Jason’s Law gains steam

'A door just opened': Jason's Law gains steam

What might well go down in history as the biggest trucking story of 2009, at least as goes drivers' efforts to push for industry change for the better, is that of Jason's Law, named after N.Y.-based driver Jason Rivenburg after he was robbed and gunned down while parked at an abandoned grocery in South Carolina. I've written about it here several times in various contexts; sorry if this background is a big repetition. The bill ...

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