texting while driving

Dentistry: latest in driving distractions

| July 07, 2010

It's been texting for a couple years now, after it was CBs and Qualcomm units and cell phones, and now DOT is reportedly eyeing other in-cab distractions for potential regulation beginning later this year. Then ...

Delaware enacts texting law

| July 07, 2010

Delaware is the 30th state to ban texting while driving.

Massachusetts bans texting

| July 03, 2010

Massachusetts is the 29th state to ban texting behind the wheel.

FMCSA examines other in-truck distractions

Jill Dunn | June 25, 2010

The agency has asked its Motor Carrier Safety Advisory Committee for ways to combat distracted driving.

Louisiana beefs up ban on texting while driving

| June 18, 2010

This law strengthens Louisiana’s 2008 texting ban, which allowed police to ticket drivers caught using their phones only if they were stopped for another offense.

Georgia to ban texting

| June 08, 2010

The new Georgia primary law, which is effective July 1, prohibits drivers of all ages from texting while driving.

Distracted driving meeting set

| May 26, 2010

A Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration committee will meet June 8-10 to focus on distracted driving.

Latest in distractions: One word, three letters, rhymes with ‘text’

| May 26, 2010

Earlier this week, as Kansas became the 26th state to enact a behind-the-wheel anti-texting law applicable to all drivers, the folks at hands-free headset-maker Jabra released results of a survey/study conducted in April that threw a little wrench ...

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