texting while driving

Michigan begins texting ban

| May 03, 2010

Texting while driving is a secondary offense that allows law enforcement officials to ticket drivers if they are pulled over for another offense.

Kentucky bans texting behind the wheel

| April 22, 2010

Kentucky became the 23rd state to ban texting for all drivers, following Nebraska last week.

Nebraska latest state to ban texting

| April 16, 2010

Beginning July 1, texting while driving will be a secondary offense, carrying a $200 fine.

Crackdown on drivers using cell phones

| April 09, 2010

Pilot programs in Hartford and Syracuse will test whether increased law enforcement can get drivers to reduce cell phone use.

Iowa bans texting while driving

| April 07, 2010

Iowa became the 21st state to ban texting April 2 when Gov. Chet Culver signed an anti-texting-while-driving bill into law for all drivers in the state.

Iowa latest state to ban texting while driving

| April 05, 2010

For adult drivers, using a handheld cell phone or texting is a secondary offense.

FMCSA proposes rule to ban texting by truckers

| March 31, 2010

The proposal would impose sanctions on drivers and bar motor carriers from allowing their drivers to text while driving.

Washington state to ban texting while driving

| March 31, 2010

Washington became the latest state to enact a law banning texting or cell phone use without a headset while driving. On March 26 Gov. Chris Gregoire signed into law a bill that makes it a primary ...

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