Speakout: The Voice of the American Trucker

A trucker's kindness to a young man years ago is remembered. Also, truckers weigh in on electronic bypass systems.

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Channel 19

Lending a helping rig   In Overdrive’s home base of Tuscaloosa, Ala., in September, truckers pitched in to help police foil a suicide attempt. As a man stood on the ledge of the I-20/59 bridge over McFarland Boulevard, police enlisted haulers with van trailers to build a platform under the bridge. A gallery of Tuscaloosa News photos (tuscaloosanews.com, search “Interstate standoff”) show, among other images, police unrolling an inflatable catch device atop two vans. The man ended ...

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Pulse: Eye catching

Texting made the crash risk 23.2 times as high as non-distracted driving for truckers. One irritant for professional drivers is being treated like some air-headed teenager with a new driver’s license. After all, you’ve been trained to drive a vehicle whose operation is far more complex than anything riding on two axles. As an owner-operator, your years of experience piloting a commercial vehicle likely number in the double digits. Anyone on the road puts their life ...

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