Foxx sends Obama highway bill to Congress, trucking groups unhappy with tolling measures

The Obama administration's transportation funding plan has officially made its way to Congress, as Department of Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx unveiled the four-year, $302 billion plan April 29. Trucking groups, however, disapprove of the bill and its allowance of tolling Interstates.

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Secretary Foxx receptive to notion of tolling existing interstates

Here's part of what he said: "We’ll consider finding ways to help when an option that states want to consider."

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Toll talk re-emerging in advance of highway bill

Today, it feels like we're on more solid footing with not only a wider swathe of industry opinion but also among the general public, where tolls sentiment has generally trended dead-set against pricing existing interstates.

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N.C. House passes anti-tolling bill

The North Carolina House of Representatives have approved a measure that would prohibit tolling existing Interstate lanes.

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NY, Maine consider hefty toll hikes

New York is considering a 45 percent increase in commercial tolls. Maine will meet this month about tolls for truck drivers.

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To toll or not to toll: In PA I-80 controversy’s wake, debate over road privatization re-emerges

When a Devon, Penn., lawyer representing big commercial construction contractors insists that "Nobody's against this," referring to tolling major interstates as a method of funding their upkeep and expansion, I suspect he's not talked to anyone among the nation's long-haul owner-operators and drivers. Opposition to tolling, in my experience, is near universal among the former, particularly, and it's no surprise: the diesel taxes the states and the federal government levy are an ever-present reality in the business of hauling, ...

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IdleAire pulls the plug, truckers urge hours flexibility, intermodal transport gained market share against trucks, EPA revises its 2010 engine emission guidance and more are issues covered.

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Pa. applies again to toll I-80

Pennsylvania's third application to ask federal permission to toll Interstate 80 was met with opposition.

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