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Electrification of truck stop spaces revives

As fuel prices spiked in 2007-08, a large majority of truckers' anti-idling interest was focused on dedicated auxiliary power units, which market expanded dramatically with a profusion of new manufacturers. This time around, with the economy still somewhat shaky, owner-operator and fleet interest in up-front investment in full-function APU technology may be taking a back seat infrastructure improvements and use of electrified truckstop parking space services when needed. For operators who don't already have APUs, ...

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I-35 truck parking facility to be closed 2 days

The facility on southbound I-35 near Coffey, Mo., at mile marker 81 will be closed two days beginning March 16.

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Jason’s Law support continues to grow

Monday, June 28, was the day supporters of the Jason's Law trucking parking safety and security legislation were calling for a united front from the community of drivers and others in the industry toward its passage; I was on the road most of the day, and I'd be willing to bet others were in similar situations and missed that call. Among those requesting truck drivers to contact their legislators about the issue were Allen and Donna Smith over at, as well as driver ...

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‘A door just opened': Jason’s Law gains steam

What might well go down in history as the biggest trucking story of 2009, at least as goes drivers' efforts to push for industry change for the better, is that of Jason's Law, named after N.Y.-based driver Jason Rivenburg after he was robbed and gunned down while parked at an abandoned grocery in South Carolina. I've written about it here several times in various contexts; sorry if this background is a big repetition. The bill ...

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Congress encouraged to pass Jason’s Law

Legislation would allocate funds for new safe rest areas and expansion and improvement of existing safe rest areas.

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Another drop in the ‘No Truck Parking’ bucket

Fayetteville, N.C., Observer reporter Myron Pitts put out a clarion call in a recently published editorial for the North Carolina DOT to do the prudent thing to increase safety outside the Motiva Enterprises fuel terminal in the area and add at the least a turning lane for trucks backing up waiting for entry on Shaw Mill Road. The article, "Truckers say no-parking zone means trouble," revealed via fuel haulers' testimonies a pattern that could have long ago been fixed. Tanker haulers, ...

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Speakout: The Voice of the American Trucker

Truckers speak out on business plans, military personnel, having faith, truck parking and shipping rates.

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