Q&A: Heart patient, trucker Arthur Wayland

| March 02, 2010

Arthur Wayland still trucking after double bypass surgery.

Arrow Trucking: Lawsuits, blame and good news

| February 24, 2010

Some new developments emerged in recent days with Arrow Trucking, now two months after its Dec. 22 closing. Two items are from the Tulsa World. One details how lawsuits filed individually against executives are moving forward ...

Credit card statements include free cold shower

| February 22, 2010

You might have heard that banks have to play by new rules with their credit card terms and disclosures, starting today. If you’ve never faced the music when it comes to credit card abuse, your chance ...

Sleep apnea: A wakeup call to drivers

| February 08, 2010

Join us for a free webinar on Feb. 11 with sleep apnea expert Dr. Mark Berger. You'll learn how sleep apnea affects your health and how it could impact your CDL.

Is it recovery yet?

| February 05, 2010

It’s hard some weeks to stack up the economic reports and figure if things are getting better or worse. This week was no exception.

A confident public and stronger freight

| January 27, 2010

Two bits of news breaking Wednesday offered some encouragement that the economy, and trucking with it, will continue rebounding.

CSA 2010 webinar Thursday night

| January 19, 2010

To learn details of the new federal safety program, log in to Overdrive’s Jan. 21 webinar, featuring Certified Fleet Safety Director Mike Rone.

Daily health tip: Make food swaps

| January 16, 2010

Small changes in your eating habits add up.

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