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Driver shortage focus of June 24 online seminar

| June 07, 2010

FTR Assolciates analyst Noel Perry and fleet executive Tom Kretsinger Jr. will present seminar presented by Truckers News.

From fuel price ‘nightmares’ to trucking book

| June 04, 2010

Writer Mary Richardson, whom Atlanta-based Creative Loafing describes as a former editor with the Truckers Connection publication, had what she describes as "nightmares" during relatively modest spikes in fuel prices during the year 2006, shortly after she ...

Mack TerraPro refuse truck ‘Sliced’ on History Channel

| June 02, 2010

The star of last week’s episode of the History Channel television program Sliced was “tough, rugged and good-looking,” said makers of said star, a Mack TerraPro refuse truck that the show’s host, John McCalmont, showed ...

Las Vegas newspaper columnist delivers ‘half-hearted’ trucker salute…

| June 01, 2010

It's not exactly a big 10-4, but in her "Road Warrior" column in the Las Vegas Review-Journal a week ago, Adrienne Packer detailed her state's latest addition to the growing nationwide effort to pair state ...

Cooking product: Ceramic non-stick cookware

| June 01, 2010

Cookware requires little or no oil or grease.

Exercise product: Mini trampoline

| May 31, 2010

Working out can be fun with a NordicTrack mini trampoline.

Crete increasing driver pay

| May 28, 2010

Pay will grow for new national drivers by 3 cents a mile and for new regional drivers by a penny a mile.

Ode to a well-stacked weekend warrior

| May 28, 2010

As we head into Memorial Day weekend it's likely some of you out there will enjoy a rare round of golf with a friend or relative in town for once in a while. My father's ...

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