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Pre-employment screening in the CSA 2010 era

It's not all about DAC anymore. With CSA 2010 carrier scores in six of the seven violation categories in CSA 2010 set to go public beginning in December, carrier attention to inspection reports has ramped up to a high level -- for drivers, a primary piece of the regulatory puzzle in all of this is the somewhat new Pre-employment Screening Program, mandated by Congress years ago, which gives carriers access with applicant consent to a ...

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Stand-up treadmill desk begs question…; cargo theft connection to Jason’s Law?

In the P.R. copy blasted out with announcements about the new TrekDesk Treadmill Desk, the company talks about the dangers of the "sedentary lifestyle," noting studies of various characters that have probed "rising obesity rates and ill health caused by 'Sitting Disease' (a term given to the multitude of syndromes and diseases caused by sedentary lives)." Though I imagine the flatbedders out there would take issue with any characterization of their jobs as totally lacking in ...

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Trucker Webmasters

Drivers go online to provide entertainment, advocacy, business education and more.

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Reporting cargo theft — balancing act in more ways than one…

Tune in Wednesday at 8 p.m. Eastern for the Truth About Trucking online radio program with host Allen Smith. My fellow Truckers News/Overdrive Senior Editor Max Kvidera and I will be guests on the subject of cargo theft, the topic of note in the latest, September edition of Truckers News, out now in digital format and hitting the truckstop racks as we speak. Cargo theft has risen sharply in recent years, some now referring to it ...

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Editors to discuss cargo theft

Truckers News editors will talk on Allen Smith’s “Truck About Trucking” show online Sept. 1 at 8 p.m. Eastern time.

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Live online CD release party for ‘When the Big Rigs Don’t Roll’

Join the proprietors this Wednesday for a live online exclusive release event for a new record aimed squarely at the politically conscious among you. "When the Big Rigs Don't Roll" is its title, and the country musicians/songwriters behind the 10 songs on the CD, David Ayers and Barry Allen, have birthed several winners in songs like the title track, first penned during a collaborative songwriting session in spring 2008, as the historic diesel-price spike ...

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Tonight: CSA 2010 round robin, webinar on gaining authority

A message yesterday from the folks with about their online radio show, Truth About Trucking, scheduled for 5 p.m. EST this afternoon, detailed the 40 questions the program hopes to answer about CSA 2010 (see below for a full list), delayed from July implementation for carriers to November but no less fraught with complexities and, yes, areas provoking all manner of lines of inquiry. Truth About Trucking host Allen Smith collected the questions direct ...

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