Notes on discovering new territory

This adventure on the road has put me in mind of our forefathers, and the brave souls who forged this great country.

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Lizards and idiot four-wheelers

Every person I discuss our travels with asks two questions, ‘Where do you go to the bathroom?’ and ‘Have you seen a Lot Lizard?’

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Tom Jones lives on

We’ve been traveling the back roads of rural Texas the past couple of days. We passed a lot of abandoned strip clubs along the way.

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Uncle Pinky won’t admit his guilt

Uncle George is smitten. It’s really sweet to watch the burly trucker melt when she raises her hands for him to pick her up.

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Big meetings. Big anxiety. Big ear hair.

I’m not very good at being presentable to important people, they make me nervous and I do ridiculous things when I’m nervous.

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Notes on vacationers and summer attire

Once a year, families insist on renting insanely large vehicles in order to terrorize professional drivers on the road.

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