Tenth Mexican carrier gets U.S. operating authority

| February 21, 2013

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has granted a tenth Mexican carrier operating authority for its cross-border trucking pilot program.

On Feb. 19, the agency announced it would issue provisional operating authority to Grupo Behr after it concluded the carrier had made sufficient changes to qualify for the program.

In 2011, FMCSA published the company’s Pre-Authorization Safety Audit, required of applicants to demonstrate that they can operate safely beyond the commercial border zone. Agency officials then put the company’s application on hold and began a focused investigation after public concern was expressed over the carrier’s safety record.

FMCSA’s cross-border program is also still in the midst of a lawsuit with the Owner-Operator Independent Driver Association and the Teamsters. A District of Columbia appeals court heard oral arguments Dec. 6, but has not issued an opinion yet. The plaintiffs — OOIDA and Teamsters — have asserted FMCSA requires American truckers to meet stricter regulations than program’s participants.

In separate litigation in the same court, OOIDA is arguing the agency’s National Registry of Medical Examiners does not permit Mexican drivers to operate in the United States without a current medical certificate issued by a registry examiner.

On Nov. 26, Mexico filed a friend-of-the-court brief stating the association had no basis to conclude Mexican medical examination standards and procedures are insufficient to assure safe operation.

According to the agency’s most recent publicly available data, nine carriers have applications for authority pending as of Jan. 27. Additionally, five carriers have withdrawn from the program and the agency dismissed another eight applicants.

The FMCSA has placed one truck out of service, belonging to GCC Transporte. As the program’s lead participant, it has eight drivers, made 994 crossings and undergone 296 inspections. Agency representatives are investigating another participant, Transportes Monteblanco, for a possible hours-of-service violation.

The FMCSA’s aggregate data indicates that of the 1,411 border crossings, none were made over the Arizona border and Ysleta, Texas, leads with 655 crossings.

Participants traveled 43,379 miles in non-border states, with Florida leading with 10,664 miles, followed by Georgia at 10,391 miles.

  • http://twitter.com/howddydutytime Mike Smith

    I don’t give a damn what any representatives says that supports Mexico/Mexicans, Mexicans trucking in our country does little, but enriches Mexicans, and destroys Americans. This is just another attack on American CITIZENS.

    Reagan Admin. conjured up NAFTA, Bush wrote NAFTA, and Clinton signed it. The way I see it they betrayed their own citizens. If someone can explain how this is enriching to American Citizen truck drivers I’m wiling to listen. Until this can be explain it is an out right attack on us.

  • Wally

    You are an utter and complete racist asshole. Not ONE of your comments ever show you to be anything but a disgustingly vile, intolerant human. You will surely get what’s coming to you.

  • http://twitter.com/howddydutytime Mike Smith

    And you are an asshole, fool, brainwashed by the Corporations, corporate media, and small businesses that profit off the 10’s of millions of Mexicans in our country, birthing their spawn on our turf. while American Citizens pay for the $580 BILLION a yr. in taxes/debt, that Mexicans cost us.

    You, like so many scum like you, try to divert away from the Mexicans inundating our country, crossing the border illegal, and legallly by way of visas, NAFTA, etc..

    Explain your support for Mexicans in our country.

    The difference between my statement, and yours is that I CLEARLY point out OBVIOUS facts as it pertains to the subject. While you make a moronic insulting nonsense statement typical of traitors like you.

  • Dave

    I will have to side with Mike on this. There is no reason we cannot go back to relaying on the border via warehouses. Our trucks and their trucks never have to cross the line more than 25 miles to the nearest relay warehouse. It keeps more people working keeping the houses open, no safety problems, no hostilities. Everybody stays on their own side of the tracks.

  • John Nettles Sr.

    HUM!!! What part of the truth don’t you understand? Mike Smith is just speaking the truth,and he is right,I have been watching this BS going on for forty years,You’ll let them steal your job and your most likely wondering why your not making any money,because your useless government is allowing this type of shit happen,right along with the rag heads chinks and the polocks that can’t speak or understand english just like your D.O.T. book says your suppost to,I think your in the wrong business their Wally!!!! GET SOME BALLS OR GET OUT OF THE BUSINESS IDIOT!! O YA WHILE I AM AT IT MIKE IS RIGHT AGAIN YOU SOUND LIKE A KISS ASS REPUBLICAN TO AND ARE BRAINED WASHED STRIKE STRIKE STRIKE AND SHUT THIS SON OF A BITCH DOWN AND TELL THE CONGRESS TO GO TO HELL

  • godfearingrebel

    What the hell part of american dont you understand, wally? I dont have a problem with someone coming to america for a better life AS LONG AS YOU BECOME PART OF AMERICA!!! However, like mike said, this is nothing but another chance at exploiting a goverment thats hopelessly irresponsible with our country

  • martymarsh

    LMAO, when you get enough of them over here what are the rest of us suppose to do?

  • http://www.facebook.com/hwhack Helmuth Hack

    Wally, you must be benefiting somehow to accept this change. Are US drivers able to go into Mexico? It seems Mexico expects us to take them in but refuses their neighbors on the southern borders the same respect.

  • Bob

    Himmmm maybe work? I’ve driven tractor-trailer in the US for over 40 years. Mexican truck drivers are old school, like it used to be here 40 years ago. They still work hard, have to fight the bad roads, and they have a real skill set. The American trucker has become a bunch of lazy yuppie bastards. Just look at the fools we have driving a truck. I have gone on runs with some friends who are owner-operators in Mexico. The average American driver won’t last 2 hours driving there. They are true professionals that have courtsey to their fellow drivers, like the old days here. Sorry all you can be out of work, you’re just getting what you deserve.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1269137418 Mike Jones

    Yea thats what we need..MORE foreigners hauling freight to keep Rates and Wages down to Zero….we cant even earn a freakin LIVING in this stinkin business..thanks to these Crooks driving us to bankruptcy.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1269137418 Mike Jones

    Mike Smith Speaks REALITY..nothing to do with racism…the FACT is Mike is a Patriot of AMERICA and speaking UP for the AMERICAN WORKING MAN…he is NOT speaking up for the Mexican Citizen and that is what pisses you OFF!!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1269137418 Mike Jones

    “WALLY is probably a guy who books freight for Walmart and wants His transportation Prices Lower than Low….all these Big companies LOVE the idea in fact Salivate at th idea of Foreigners..legal or not..hauling their crap to the stores for PEANUTS so they can get RICHER and RICHER….they again are NOT PATRIOTS of AMERICA.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1269137418 Mike Jones

    They always pull the SAME crap…well..You are a Racist….and actually it is to do with us working stiffs who are AMERICANS being Over Run by foreigners here illegally getting JOBS or all things when they SHOULD get Beheaded like they do in Pakistan!!!! This foreign labor has ZERO business being here and they are Criminals breaking the LAW.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1269137418 Mike Jones

    Regarless of what “experts”these jive ass mexican drivers are..they can just stay HOME since they and their country are SO GREAT….No Amrican driver wants to go to their crappy country to drive so they can just stay there and show off their “expert” skills to each other..they are NOT NEEDED here.

  • martymarsh

    Hey Bob, I wasn’t questioning their humanity or skills. I have also driven for 39 years and know what is out there. But you also can’t deny they will do it cheaper than us, so where does that leave us? Shippers and recievers couldn’t care less how good you are, they want to know how low can you go, and if it is not low enough they will find someone else. It should also be obvious that a guy living in Mexico would need alot less money than a guy living in the USA, so how could we compete with their rates?
    It is not just Mexicans, we have Russians and people from all over that part of the world coming over here and buying clunkers and then running cheaper than everyone else, at high speeds no less.
    The whole trucking industry is getting way out of hand, and I won’t even mention all the new regulations.

  • http://twitter.com/howddydutytime Mike Smith

    We are experiencing a new form of genocide at the hands of our own government, the corporations and the “new Backboner of America, small businesses”, who are hiring Mexicans.

  • Dave

    By Federal D.O.T Laws. Must be able to speak,read, write,understand, clearly in the English language. To be D.O.T. COMPLIANT. Does anyone see anything wrong with this picture. Besides our rates chopped in half and unsafe drivers. And the fact we can fart the wrong way,and not be qualified.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1269137418 Mike Jones

    Well the mexicans dont seem to be in a hurry to come here LEGIMATELY…they really dont know the meaning of the word…so 10 companies aint much interest…we may as well Sut the stupid program down NOW….nobody wants them here and there is to little interest on their part…Waste of taxpayer money..thanks but no thanks…dump that crap at the border and we will take it from there……they prefer to sneak over the fence and get a Fake License…….in fact thousands of the clowns are doing that today….their method of choice for trucking is ILLEGALLY or not at all…….Case closed..Shut down the assinine Program.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1269137418 Mike Jones

    No…Mike Smith is an AMERICAN TAXPAYING CITIZEN..probably sick of kissing but to foreigners up here stealing…they have ZERO right to anything in THIS country…..”tolerable” what a bunch of B.S. YOU can tolerate when these dopes take YOUR job or bustinto YOUR home in the middle of the night and tie YOU up and Rape Your Wife and daughter while YOU watch….YOU be tolerable……WE dont have to…THIS is OUR land….and THAT is THEIR land…..they need to get the hell out.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1269137418 Mike Jones

    So True…..being killed off by our own Government…..they are SOOOO determined to kiss the butt of every foreigner they can find and GET THEIR VOTE…these illegals vote 5 and 6 times for THEIR candidate…and they arent even SUPPOSED to VOTE……..the whole thing has gone berzerk……..they are IMPORTING CORRUPTION from their country…..Crime Gangs….you name it…..crawling over the fence by the thousands!! It is an INVASION.

  • Smitador

    You know that American truck drivers can take loads in and out of Canada right? Part of the same legislation, thats is why it is the NAFTA not MAFTA. havent heard you stick up for the Canadian truck drivers who lose freight and money becuase of Americans taking it from them…

  • greek9014

    I can remember when we could not go into canada and it worked out better for everyone , every one needs to stay in there own countries i went into canada and had to hide my pistol because the candy asses up there don’t like guns ! screw Canada and Mexico and the dam jews that gave us NAFTA

  • greek9014

    The democrats are just as bad or worse the democrats want to let them stay and take our guns !

  • greek9014

    Oh you can take you truck into mexico ! not saying if you or it well return . lol

  • greek9014

    You can thank the dam NWO run by zionist jews ! they want to kill off the white race because we are two hard to control !

  • Smitador

    Off topic question: Any tips on mounting a rotating amber beacon on a cab that is all fiberglass and aluminum without building a steel rack

  • http://twitter.com/4073348900 Ivan


  • Barry Bones

    This country has been sold to the dogs by a bunch of politician pigs !

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