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Texting under the influence

| January 02, 2009

Dear Carolyn,
I did a really stupid thing. I drunk/texted an old boyfriend. It was a weak moment and I’m really embarrassed about it now. He’s taken it as an interest indicator and I don’t know how to get myself out of this. I like him but not in “that” way. How do I tell him this was an “uh-oh” without hurting his feelings?

“Gin” ny

Dear Gin-ny,

Ha! When will you crazy kids learn to just say no to drinking and texting? Just go back to your “friends only” tone of voice and he’ll get the message. No need to beat him over the head with it. Plus, if you did feel romantically inclined under the influence, there could be some unresolved attraction. Put that in your “saved” file.

I’m just say’n,
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