The costs of good health

| February 03, 2008

According to the survey, nearly 65 percent of truck drivers rate their health as fair or poor – with 85 percent citing their top concerns as heart disease or diabetes. Ninety percent of drivers already take blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol or heart medications.

Additionally, 70 percent of drivers are at high risk for sleep apnea. Preliminary results from PDMD’s survey indicate that the average weight of a driver is 240 pounds. The study also shows that a driver’s Body Mass Index is a good predictor for this ailment.

“Heart disease and diabetes are often interrelated, and as you can imagine, given some of their occupational risks, the numbers are even higher for professional drivers than among the average population,” says Dr. John McElligott, chairman and CEO of PDMD. “And without regular medical care, these conditions, which could be diagnosed, monitored and treated, are often left until it is too late.”

PDMD locations under construction include those at three Petros (Atlanta, Shreveport, La., and Mebane, N.C.) and two TravelCenters of America (Lafayette, La., and Ontario, Calif.). PDMD plans to open as many as 60 to 80 clinics by 2010.

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Kristie Busam contributed to this report.

Info on Government Health Programs
Medicare, Medicaid and state Children’s Health Insurance Programs fall under the purview of the federal Department of Health and Human Services ( and applicable state agencies. The website for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services ( contains a wealth of information on qualifications, benefits and links to specific state information.

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