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Todd Dills

The debate over fighting broker fraud

| April 12, 2012

Metully, who was a guest in March on Allen and Donna Smith’s Truth About Trucking Live online radio program (listen via the link) about the subject of raising the surety bond, has launched in recent times an online tool that he hopes will garner better participation from carriers and other transport industry participants as time goes on. enables users to market their services as well as post alerts on bad actors, whether brokers, carriers or shippers, they’ve dealt with. This kind of crowd-sourcing of information Metully views as a potentially sizable chink in the solution to fraud in the industry, enabling users to take policing bad actors into their own hands.

“I want to see people take this tool that I have built and use it,” he says, “and get the word out there: ‘This guy did this,’ and we may not be able to get anybody’s money out to him, but we might be able to save the next guy, and then the next guy provides some information about somebody else he has dealt with, and maybe that information will save you.

“We’re also working on a kudos section,” he adds, “for the guys who did things the right way and need to be recognized for it and should receive more business for it.”

Posting alerts and listing your business there is free, but you have to register your company, part of Metully’s efforts to keep down potential instances of unwarranted blackballing. Companies named on the site for fraudulent actions will always get an opportunity to respond, he says.

There’s also a premium membership that is free during a six-month promotional period. “It’s a free webpage in the site, essentially,” he says, and you get a promo code that you can pass on to other interested parties. “If one signs up, you’ll get another month, too,” he says. “At the end of all that, say you took the six-month promo period and that’s it. At the end, you’ll still have a free listing and people will be able to find you based on your traffic patterns and the equipment that you use. From a broker standpoint, I could have used that a million times.”

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