The drones are coming and they’re coming for you

Phil Madsen | April 18, 2012

With drones, speeding tickets can be issued anywhere in the state by troopers seated in control rooms, as can tickets for failure to maintain your lane, being off a truck route, tailgating, hand-held cell phone use and more.

The thermal imaging capability drones have can be used to see how many people are in the truck and where exactly they are (sleeper, driver or passenger seat, or in the box when illegal’s are being smuggled). Heat signatures from the wheels can be studied to detect a wheel brake that is not working or a tire is under inflated.

The same technology can be used to identify parked trucks that are idling in states where idling is prohibited. Cops will no longer have to catch the truck in the act. The drone will do that. Environmental police will simply go to the trucks that are on the list printed out in patrol car and hand out tickets at $350 a pop (offsetting the cost of the drone and proving its worth to those who will be asked for funding to buy more).

Now, four-wheelers (non-truckers), before you get all excited about the wonderful public safety benefits these drones can produce by focusing on trucks, note that they can focus on cars too. As these things populate the sky, you will be just as likely as we are to receive tickets in the mail for hand-held cell phone use, texting, speeding, seat belt violations, etc.

Cars parked in front of bars at closing time can be targeted for observation by drones around closing time. The same facial recognition software that is in use now to check commercial drivers for multiple CDL’s can be used with drones to see if the person driving a car has a valid license.

Are you parked 15 minutes too long in a two-hour parking place? Busted you are by the car-size helicopter drone that patrols the city streets, and your ticket is coming in the mail.

You say it was not you who lit up a cigarette in a California city park where outdoor smoking is prohibited? The air quality police beg to differ. At 14:27:16 today, a drone detected the heat signature of you lighting up and a photograph was taken. “Here’s your citation, Sir,” says the helmeted cop who rode up to you on a green bicycle, “Have a nice day.”

  • Gordon A

    This is so close to becoming a reality it is down right scary.
    Our rights to privacy are slowly being eroded one technical advancement at a time.

    There certainly is a need for some persons to be observed from afar but spying on every one for the sole purpose of building a data bank should not be the purpose.
    I believe it is going to be.
    In a few years from now mandatory DNA testing at scales or Clinics not unlike todays Random Drug testing will be required.
    If technology is in the wrong hands or used for the wrong reasons this country is going to be in dire straights in the near future..

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