The Latest for Truckers

| April 07, 2005

Mark Rossow, president of AFS, says the EXP4 diesel advantages include: Improving the cold filter plugging point, a higher cetane number, ice prevention in wet fuel, storage stability, reduced carbon deposits from injectors and improved lubricity.

Rossow says advantages of the EXP4′s oil enhancer product are: Reduced friction, longer engine life, reduced engine start-up wear, corrosion prevention and reduced oil sludge problems.

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Cool Boxes
WAECO U.S.A. has introduced three new portable cooling products. The CD-30 drawer refrigerator unit will hold 31 quarts and features a safety drawer lock and continuous variable thermostat. It will cost approximately $400.

The CDF-40 is a 39-quart, top-loading refrigerator/ freezer with ergonomically shaped carrying handles and standing height for standard 2-liter bottles. It lists at $349.

The CX range of coolers now includes plug-in units in 19-quart and 33-quart capacity, at $49 and $99, respectively.

All three products are available at major new truck dealers and large truckstops.


CCA Batteries
The Caterpillar line of maintenance-free Premium High Output batteries is now available with increased Cold Cranking Amp capabilities for a variety of on-highway applications. The new ratings at 0

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