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Max Heine

The price of failing to ‘respect’ vehicular power

| December 02, 2013

You’ve passed more scenes of highway carnage in a year than most people see in a lifetime. You know well that vehicles and speed are nothing to trifle with.

The New York Daily News published this photo of the wreck that killed Paul Walker and his friend.

The New York Daily News published this photo of the wreck that killed Paul Walker and his friend.

That’s certainly the case with a particularly fast and “dangerous” Porsche that actor Paul Walker was riding in when he had his fatal accident Saturday. It’s believed that pro racer Roger Rodas was driving.

Reports coming out Monday afternoon suggest drag racing was involved in the high-speed crash that killed Walker, 40, who played in some of the “Fast and Furious” films.  

A report on the Carrera GT cites racing and sports car sources calling the car one that “needs respect,” “the most dangerous car on the road,” and “the first car in my life that I drive and I feel scared.”  Because of its power, the sources say, the car needs better traction control, especially in wet road conditions.

The Carrera GT has been in high-profile incidents, including one while Jay Leno  was driving it at Talladega, notes Another was a fatal crash at California Speedway.

The website cites Doug DeMuro, a former manager at Porsche Cars North America: “My favorite car ever, in the whole world, but man, are they dangerous. A close friend of mine has one here and I refuse to let him take me for a ride.”

For plenty of photos of Walker, the wreck, and the car, see this New York Daily News report.

And if you’re close to retirement and thinking of trading in your trusty Class 8 tractor for a used Carrera GT to live out an overdue midlife crisis, think again. The car was priced at $440,000 when it was introduced in 2004. Five used models listed for sale on a  luxury car site range from $369,900 to $499,999.




  • Leszek Kolodziej

    blame the car, as always.

    The truth is, people will kill themselves, given the tools and there is nothing a nanny state can do about it.

    Until an IQ test is a prerequisite to obtain a drivers license, no amount of laws will prevent accidents.

  • guest

    No IQ test given at Mega Fleets….you can view the imbiciles at the terminals in overstuffed chairs watching cartoons and drooling…..scary to think they are at the wheel.

  • Mind Games

    I think I just saw a rightwing propaganda line posted by a wack job?.. Yep I did… @Lez do you own a sports car? I do and have had a few in my time and I know their limitations with respect to a Porche they have high torque in the rear end due to the trans engine configuration somethng you know very little about or else you wouldn’t have made such a stupid statement.
    Cars of any type deserve respect however do not let them scare you into not enjoying them or let others have fun as well and thus you drop a dime every time you see someone going one mile over the limit, remember you were young once upon a time too.
    Also I have noticed a strong bias against sport compact owners and or the fast and furious followers well I have news for you people too, they created jobs and even more jobs than American sports car owners did back in the 60’s 70’s did and so that was far less people that may have been seeking to hit one of you truckers in the back of the head to take your wallet and so to you people who stereotypes those that like to modify these types of cars I say you need to get out into the real world and again away from rightwing propaganda radio and or stop being angry because you are old and drive a truck and think you can look down your nose at people because many of you drive like you are in a NASCAR race with your tailgating thinking you can draft a truck the same damn way!
    People before posting ignorant rightwing propaganda statements like others who know very little about cars do your homework and say something halfway intelligent please!!!
    The world is bad enough with rightwing propaganda radio.

    Oh and by the way I will continue to buy sports cars till the day I die the sports car I own now is fun and saved my life on more than one occasion.
    Rest in peace Paul Walker…..
    Too fast Too furious for life!!!!!!

  • David S. McQueen

    Speed alone is not the cause of an accident. There has to be another factor (i.e., driver error, mechanical failure, etc.). If speed alone, without any other factor in the equation, was the “cause” of the accident, then no NASCAR race would ever get past the first lap. And IQ has nothing to do with an accident, Leszek.


    Dragracing happens on a prepared, safe track, street racing does not and is not legal, and don’t confuse the two. I don’t know the type of pavement there, but, the more stone in it which can help with water runoff and traffic wear, the less traction available for things with BIG power. A few years ago near my house, a genious with a brand new Viper with 46 miles on it learned that lesson the hard way, no traction, car in the woods and never to see 47 miles, and he wasn’t physcialy hurt.

  • henry sena

    someone thinks they heard a tire blowout. they were not drag racing the cameras tell that story. when i was young i had high powered cars.

  • joel

    so, now you think you can tell me what to listen to, or what to post, and trash my brothers and sisters behind the wheel of those big trucks. Get a life and smell what you are shoveling. yea, i’m a truck driver, a christian and a right wing conservative, I pray I dont see you in one of those aforementioned accidents.

  • JeepCollector91

    A car that expensive should have come with all the same safety equipment as a true race car. Should have a rollcage and a fire suppressant system at the very least. Waste of money if it doesn’t. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.