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Jack Roberts

The Volkswagen puzzle

| April 18, 2013

I don’t know. Yet.

The obstacles to cracking the North American truck market are substantial to insurmountable, depending on who you ask. On the other hand, a healthy and vibrant light- and medium-duty truck/van business is a vital component to any automotive manufacturer seriously pursuing world domination. I can think of several manufacturers who clearly believe a heavy-duty truck division is an important part of that equation. IF VW is serious about world domination, at some point trucks – even if we’re just talking medium-duty delivery vans – will have to enter into its North American calculations.

And that’s why I’m keeping an eye on Volkswagen these days.

  • Thomas Denman

    I sold “MAN” motor coaches in Orlando, Fl. in 1982. They were 45′ units. They were far superior to any U.S. bus. There engines, 360 HP, got over 14 MPG. idled at 600 rpms, in 100 degree weather, with the air conditioning running! They had retarders on their drive train and you did not have to use the brakes at all above 20 mph. The company didn’t want to sell their touring coaches in the US. (Thanks EPA) The company I worked for, brought low mileage used buses in. MAN engines were 1 million mile engines in 1982. The trucking Industry would do well to support the expansion of Volkswagen / MAN trucks in the United States.

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  • `LennartA

    Now VW is redy to bid for Scania. Navistar next? Then Volvo?

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