Thinking about top executives at large motor carriers

Phil Madsen | January 31, 2012

Second, I started a conversation with a VP after one of the breakout sessions. We had a meaningful discussion about an area of the business I brought up. He and I will continue our discussion at a later meeting, after certain information is exchanged via e-mail.

Third, during a break at the event, I went to the restroom while Diane waited for me outside. She next saw me exiting the restroom with yet another VP. We did not have a long conversation with him but did have some feedback to share by e-mail. He asked us to wait a moment while he went to his office to get us a card with his e-mail address on it. It only took a moment because we happened to be on the floor where his office and those of other vice presidents were.

The free access we have to the company building and leaders continues to amaze Diane and me, as does the openness of the people with the titles. It is a 180 degree change from the carrier we were with before. It has me thinking more sympathetically about these people and the work they do.

It’s one thing to read the quarterly report of a large corporation. It’s a different experience altogether to read one when you have met and had meaningful discussions with the people quoted therein, have been able to take your company input straight to the top, and when you take a moment to appreciate the fact that these folks and us operate in different domains; each doing their own thing in their own way to help the company succeed strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.