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Thousands of International trucks recalled due to fifth wheel jaw release problem

| October 28, 2013
International ProStar

International ProStar

Navistar has issued a recall for 16,107 International trucks —  year model 2008-2013 LoneStar, ProStar and TranStar trucks — due to disoriented  air lines at the isolation/vent valve on the trucks’ electronic fifth wheel jaw release system, according to a recall notice from the company posted on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s website. 

The disorientation is due to an assembly error, the notice says, and the improper orientation can, in the event of an air leak at the valve, cause the fifth wheel jaw to release the trailer from the tractor. 

Navistar says it is notifying owners and dealers will inspect air line routing. If repair is needed, it will be done free of charge. 

Truck owners may contact Navistar at 331-332-1590. The recall number is 13514. 

  • John

    Go figure. American trucks built in mexico, with potential deadly results of an assembly error.

  • Porter M. Corn

    Could happen in the US or Canada. It ain’t country specific,

  • Jason Haggard

    We shouldn’t have a 5th wheel release in the cab anyhow, talk about making lazy drivers, that is a sure fire way to do it.

  • guest

    I cant Imagine anything more IGNORANT than That engineering marvel….Yep give me the truck that detaches from the trailer!!! They are doing a fine job at Corn Binder!!

  • Jim Kennedy

    all they’d need is a landing gear up lever and down lever in the cab

  • Joe

    Electronic locking jaw release should be banned , yeah lets trust a computer to keep the king pin locked while rolling down the Interstate. Thats a bad accident waiting to happen.

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