Top 3 beauties chosen in Overdrive contest

OD most beautiful composite

From left to right: Tina Comer, Libby Clayton, Maggie Stone

Three female drivers — Libby Clayton, Tina Comer and Maggie Stone — have been selected as the winners of Overdrive’s Most Beautiful. They will fly to Dallas to attend  The Great American Trucking Show where they will receive make-overs, sign autographs and participate in a photo shoot at the Pride & Polish event. A team of celebrity judges will choose the grand prize winner who will appear on the cover of Overdrive magazine.

Seventy-one women initially entered the contest. Online voters narrowed the field to 10 in April, and in June, readers cast their votes to help select the top three.

Libby Clayton, who has been a trucker for seven years, drives doubles across the country for Dillard’s department store. She says that once her children were grown, she decided to ditch her desk job and pursue what she had always wanted to do: drive. She says she thinks women should be in whatever career field they want to be in as long as they can do the job. “A workplace is a workplace, whether it’s behind a desk or the wheel of a big rig. I think we’re as comfortable there as we can be in any position,” Clayton says.

Tina Comer is an owner-operator with Comer Trucking and has been logging in California for six years. She says it’s her mission in life to make everyone her friend. She advises others to “go out, do the best job you can do, and learn to laugh at yourself, because you’re going to bend a bumper on a stump once in a while.” She doesn’t feel like it’s a big deal to be a woman in the world of trucking, even in the logging business. “I just feel like I’m just one of the guys. I don’t think about the gender role much. We’re just all out doing the same job and having a good time.”

Maggie Stone’s father, uncles and grandfather all drove trucks, but she’s the first woman in her family to do so. After two years in the Army in the late ’80s, she started driving professionally in 1992. Through all that time on the road, she’s says she has grown to appreciate the sense of family and community there is in trucking. She owns her own company — Missfit Trucking — and runs under her own authority, and says she’s got a very big heart and a contagious smile. So much so, that she dedicates her time, money, and her truck to helping needy trucking families every Christmas, and she’s volunteered with Trucker Charity Inc., a group that helps truckers in need year round.

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  • Bob_Hearns

    Congratulations, Ladies. 4 out of my 5 made it to the top 10 and 1 is in the top 3. I won’t say who. Thanks to all who entered.

  • magoo

    way to go Maggie Stone Congrats ….. I know you will win this thing …..just be your self .

  • Belinda Allen

    I knew my girl Tina would be a finalist, she’s a beautiful person inside and out!!!! You got this my friend!

  • Misty BigRig

    This is sooo cool. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing women drivers. To the women that are voted on, please take this opportunity to make a positive difference while all eyes are on you. If you’re not already with an organization… find an organization and help the trucking community on a grand scale. Use your outer beauty to grab the attention, your heart to help people, and your brains to make a bigger impact to the trucking community. God bless y’all and drive safe.

    Best Wishes to you ALL!

    Misty BigRig

  • Lance Krouse

    It is hard to choose. Everybody looked to be intelligent, beautiful, charming women in this contest. Congratulations to all.

  • moonlightowl

    I have had the good fortune to be in some close knit companies. The women that I have met who are “hands” are not only capable but eager to observe “Trucking Traditions and Spirit” and have proven that gender is not a barrier in trucking and that their ability to adapt to life on the road is excellent. As with males there are always a few that make you wonder how in the world they got a license but for the majority they are most certainly a part of the “Brotherhood of Hands” who all share a unique and friendly bond that people who are not truckers cannot seem to grasp. Like their male counterparts, they share the common experience and hazards with the simple shrug of “it’s what I do and it’s who I am” they are American truckers and we are dang lucky to have them.

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  • Maggie Anderson Stone

    I want to thank everyone for all their kind words. The women in this contest are all smart talented women.. Its an honor being in it.

  • Vicky Turney

    How do I submit a pic for contest strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.