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UPDATE: WB lane, all EB lanes on I-80 in Penn., following major crash, are open

| February 12, 2015

A closure of a major interstate was the result of an accident in the westbound lanes of I-80 between Lock Haven and Milesburg, Pa., between mile markers 162 and 163 just before lunch Thursday.

‘Dukes of Hazzard’ moment for car hauler on Chicago’s Bishop Ford Freeway

| February 12, 2015

The open car hauler, running empty, stopped to check for what he thought was a tire blowout when he looked up and noticed his trailer wasn't so empty anymore.

Wal-Mart’s private fleet settles wrongful death suit from Tracy Morgan crash

| January 26, 2015

The crash ignited a debate among lawmakers about hours-of-service rules, as it came just after the Senate's initial move to suspend certain provisions of the 2013 HOS rule. Wal-Mart has now reached a civil settlement ...

Operator hits overhead door while exiting — could trucker have prevented it?

| January 02, 2015

After truck operator John Doe pulled the loading dock at a grocery store, a staff member of the facility lowered the dock's overhead door, which Doe hit on his way out. Could he have prevented ...

Judge denies trucker’s claim in Tracy Morgan lawsuit against Wal-Mart

| December 16, 2014

A federal judge overseeing actor Tracy Morgan’s lawsuit against Wal-Mart and its private fleet has denied a motion made by the truck driver at the center of the case — who has been criminally charged ...

VIDEO: Truck stuck on tracks split in half by train, causing derailment

| October 07, 2014

Truck operator backs into on-the-move pancake patron — Could he have prevented the accident?

| August 29, 2014

While making a deliver at a restaurant, truck operator John Doe backed into the car of an unsuspecting patron who was trying to leave the restaurant. Could he have prevented this accident?

Mercury whacks rig’s fender in intersection — Could trucker have prevented it?

| August 08, 2014

Truck operator John Doe hit the brakes and swerved to avoid a car cutting in front of him, but the collision damaged his right front fender. Could he have prevented the accident?

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