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Load by air: Are ‘blimp stops’ in our future?

| August 27, 2013

How would you fix the problem of excessive loading/unloading delays?

| August 20, 2013

From changes in how drivers are paid to new government regulation of shippers and receivers, the choices are many -- and none particularly easy to implement. Which do you think would do the job best?

TX Spraberry-Wolfcamp shale oil discovery could be biggest worldwide

| August 19, 2013

DAT launches RateView

| August 13, 2013

DAT's new RateView revamp of the Truckload Rate Index with several new features can be helpful for owner-operator load, lane and price analysis for profitable load planning.

Wired: How to load a giant cargo container ship

| August 12, 2013

July load volumes exceed June for first time; Domestic intermodal on fire in Southeast

| August 08, 2013

Reports from DAT's Trendlines and the Intermodal Association of North America's quarterly trends report show volumes were strong through June and July.

Rail v. truck intermodal biz battle in S.C.

| July 31, 2013

New load profitability planner

| July 31, 2013 launched a load planning function that takes into consideration driving time, deadhead mileage, fuel and toll costs toward a goal of stringing together hauls for maximum profitability. The "Load Planner" reduces the time required to locate ...

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