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Allens Inc. files for bankruptcy, looks to restructure

| October 29, 2013

Poll: Do you currently haul U.S. military freight?

| October 24, 2013

This poll looks at what percentage of drivers are moving military freight, whether solo operators on general freight or a team with arms, ammunition and explosives loads. Or not. Weigh in yourself.

The drones are coming! (For your freight?)

| September 22, 2013

Load by air: Are ‘blimp stops’ in our future?

| August 27, 2013

How would you fix the problem of excessive loading/unloading delays?

| August 20, 2013

From changes in how drivers are paid to new government regulation of shippers and receivers, the choices are many -- and none particularly easy to implement. Which do you think would do the job best?

TX Spraberry-Wolfcamp shale oil discovery could be biggest worldwide

| August 19, 2013

DAT launches RateView

| August 13, 2013

DAT's new RateView revamp of the Truckload Rate Index with several new features can be helpful for owner-operator load, lane and price analysis for profitable load planning.

Wired: How to load a giant cargo container ship

| August 12, 2013

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