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iLuvMyTrucker: Brian Oswald

| September 12, 2013

Tiki Oswald loves her husband because when he is finally back at home, he makes time to spend with her and their young sons though he's sometimes exhausted.

iLuvMyTrucker: Greg Milo

| September 12, 2013

Crystal Miles loves her boyfriend because he goes out of his way to help his customers and says it doesn't cost anything to be nice to people.

iLuvMyTrucker: Wally Miller

| September 12, 2013

Crystal Miller loves that the family of four travels the United States together in her husband's truck.

iLuvMyTrucker: Tulio Figueroa

| September 11, 2013

Eillim Cintron says her husband and business partner is the best at what he does.

iLuvMyTrucker: Kenneth Covington

| September 11, 2013

Shannon Covington says her husband has a passion for his work and deserves to be acknowledged.

iLuvMyTrucker: Dino “Hammer” Tomassi Jr.

| September 11, 2013

Mother/boss Andrea Tomassi loves her son because he is a hard worker and always shows up for his shift, even when he is sick.

iLuvMyTrucker: Archie Miller

| September 11, 2013

Carol Miller loves her husband of 57 years because he has provided very well for their family, and now in his retirement years, he still enjoys trucking.

iLuvMyTrucker: Andy Moats

| September 11, 2013

Cindy Moats says that with her husband, no matter what comes at them, they will face it together.

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