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Pilot sued again in non-class-action suit

| May 15, 2013

Alabama-based carrier Osborn Transportation is suing Pilot for breach of contract and alleged fraud.

Pilot Flying J behavior was ‘sickening,’ says CEO

| May 09, 2013

Pilot Flying J CEO Jimmy Haslam said earlier this week that the behavior of some of the salespeople at the company — as cited in a federal affidavit released last month — is "really sickening" ...

Lawsuits continue to mount against Pilot Flying J

| May 06, 2013

At least two more lawsuits have been filed against Pilot Flying J as a result of federal allegations against the company that it defrauded trucking companies out of millions of dollars.

Pilot hires ‘special counsel’ to internally investigate fraud allegations

| May 02, 2013

Pilot Flying J has hired an attorney to perform an internal investigation of the federal fraud allegations against the company.

Two more class action suits filed against Pilot Flying J

| April 29, 2013

Pilot Flying J has now been sued for a second and third time in response to federal allegations that it defrauded carriers out of tens of millions of dollars in a rebate withholding scheme over ...

Pilot Flying J CEO meets with NFL commissioner regarding allegations

| April 25, 2013

Pilot taking steps to rectify allegations, puts diesel salespeople on leave

| April 22, 2013

In a prepared statement Monday, April 22, Pilot Flying J CEO Jimmy Haslam said "several members" of the company' s diesel fuel sales team have been placed on administrative leave pending the ongoing FBI and ...

Pilot hit with first lawsuit in wake of alleged fraud

| April 22, 2013

The first lawsuit stemming from Pilot Flying J's alleged rebate fraud scheme made public last week has been filed by Atlantic Coast Carriers, who's seeking full repayment and damages.

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