When ‘Bandit’ debuted, the Force was with it – and still is

The legendary romp was released 40 years ago today, and the May 1977 Overdrive highlighted the magazine's involvement, notably the inclusion of a truck race banner bearing its name.

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Owner-op Dean Carnahan: Poor health is often a ‘preventable accident’

Owner-op Dean Carnahan: Poor health is often a 'preventable accident'

Carnahan urges drivers to take control of diet and health generally in hopes more attention to it might spur a movement against the growing "quick food, get-in-get-out-type attitude" of so many truck stops when it comes to diet options.

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First time for everything

In which Wendy takes heat for being "reasonable" relative to ELDs ... "I know, right? The words 'reasonable' and 'Wendy Parker' have probably never been used together in a sentence one single time..."

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1977 KW’s first run in 29 years

Restoring a rig with some history -- Bryan DeKock and the 1977 Kenworth W9 that inspired the mural on the old Monteagle Truck Stop, debuting this week at the ATHS national convention in Des Moines.

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Video: Overdrive’s Most Beautiful winner a mentor for young women, girls

Trucker Stephanie Klang says the financial stability and independence she’s enjoyed through her CFI career is a common theme when she speaks to Girl Scouts and other student groups. She wants young girls to see an example of a woman succeeding in what some still consider a man’s world.

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Five-year overhaul, comin’ right up

Five-year overhaul, comin' right up

"Well folks, the shark bite-Frankenstein hand is shot again. It's time for my five-year overhaul, and I really wouldn't mention it I feel like I should probably explain why I appear to be giving the finger to the entire world, 24/7, just in case photos surface."

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Shot in the arm for the ELD fight: Mr. Justice joins Mr. Reed, others with sights on D.C.

Trucker-songwriter Tony Justice taking active role in spurring unity around opposition to the ELD mandate -- meanwhile, Scott Reed, Justice and others have set their sights on the first couple weeks of October for potential demonstration in D.C.

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Hey, Mr. Shipper! (or: Another selling point for dealing direct)

Tip of the hat to a Rate Per Mile Masters member for this scenario/question: "When you book the load at noon, get to the pickup at 1 p.m., shipper says, 'You're late, you were supposed to be here at 10 a.m.!' ... What is your would-be response if you just said what you felt like saying?"

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Bakking into the future

Driver Luke Haen's "Bakkab" portable back-up camera for the most difficult of maneuvers: "Luke realized that no matter how good someone was at backing a trailer, there would always be times when the angle was just impossible, or the line of vision was blocked ... Bakkab was born."

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Podcast: Owner-operator Keith Sampson and his new ‘It’s Made Me Who I Am’ record

An Overdrive Radio podcast with owner-operator and 2014 Trucker Talent winner Keith Sampson about his new record. And, breaker breaker: Anybody got a picture of the old truck mural at Monteagle truck stop? A reader wants to know.

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