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Correcting the record on DWT

| December 04, 2009

That's "driving while texting," of course, the latest and greatest among local and national media fouls when it comes to trucking. Fortunately, yesterday South Dakota Trucking Association President Myron L. Rau took the time to ...

Reckoning a ‘tsunami of freight’ as a very bad thing

| December 03, 2009

I don't intend to do so, fyi, just passing on a bit of eye-opening reporting that recently appeared at the website of the Cincinnati Enquirer newspaper. Even as freight volumes around the country are at ...

Is there a ‘war on trucking’ afoot?

| December 02, 2009

Such was the question Michael Regan, board member of the National Industrial Transportation League (NIT is primarily a shippers' group), aimed to answer in his piece in Logistics Management magazine. There, he detailed a recent ...

‘Going Wrong’? — what Sarah Palin’s autobiography has to do with you

| November 30, 2009

Not much, really, unless you happen to be reading it and enjoying its critique of media lassitude and political bias, with the exception of a mention of VHF radios and conversations with truckers held from ...

Songwriter Larry Morris drives big trucks to Nashville

| November 25, 2009

Campbell, Mo.-based trucker Larry Morris (pictured), who drives for small fleet Double G Trucking, is also a songwriter, and his crowning achievement in that arena is now available -- "Cotton Fields to Nashville" is the ...

NPR correspondent gets "worst roads" lesson from owner-operator

| November 24, 2009

Yesterday on National Public Radio's banner afternoon news program, All Things Considered, correspondent Ina Jaffe detailed her ridealong with one Randy Park, who drives for Apex Logistics. They ran down a stretch I-10 in California ...

Texas trucker narrowly escapes the ultimate disaster

| November 23, 2009

I may have spoken too soon, Friday, when I made reference to one Brazilian truck accident as one of the most bizarre of truck crash results ever photographed. A Nov. 12 story in Wyoming's Powell ...

Bridges and trucks colliding, around the world

| November 20, 2009

This scene at this link might take the prize for most bizarre of truck accidents, at least those photographed for posterity. Thankfully, looks like the driver was rescued. It's a scene on a Brazilian bridge ...

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