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Truck stop chain CEO’s vacation home featured in ‘Traditional Home’

| July 21, 2009

iBy land, sea or air/i could be the motto of Pilot Travel Center CEO Jimmy Haslam III. Not only does the truck-stop tycoon know a lot about trucking lanes, he also has a bird's-eye view ...

Latest at-fault auto

| July 20, 2009

Thursday last week a pretty common thing with uncommon results happened on I-75 on the "9-Mile Curve" section through Detroit. A wreck ended up destroying a Honda Civic, a tractor pulling a tanker, another tractor-trailer ...

A salute from Good magazine

| July 17, 2009

With the first of the month came this post to the website of Good magazine -- a charitable magazine about "good" things, generally (they match subscription prices with a contribution to the charity of your ...

If you thought our roads were bad…

| July 16, 2009

A fascinating look at the state of roads in Russia comes this week from span style="font-style: italic;"L.A. Times/span writer Megan K. Stack -- link here -- and it's told largely from the point of view ...

The truck-grinch that crashed Christmas

| July 15, 2009

Shoppers at the back of a Christmas supply store in St. Pete Beach, Fla., may have wondered if Rudolph's nose was off-track yesterday afternoon when they heard what must have been a one big noise. ...

When the white collar turns blue

| July 14, 2009

This AP Story, picked up by the Cleveland Plain Dealer newspaper, drips with the sort of unintended condescension often seen in mainstream media's brushstroke treatment of the subject of working, but all the same it ...

Now that’s a ‘hot load’

| July 13, 2009

A story in the July 5 Leaf Chronicle, the newspaper of Clarksville and Fort Campbell, Tenn., gave new meaning to the term "hot load," oft used by dispatchers to the chagrin of truck drivers certain ...

Biggest tractor-trailer cake in the world

| July 10, 2009

In celebration of two anniversaries at the Walcott Truckers Jamboree today, an 8-ft.-long cake built as a semi will be served up to an estimated 2,000 people at 2 p.m. The anniversaries: the Jamboree's 30th, ...

Todd Dills

Todd Dills is Senior Editor of Overdrive magazine and writes from Nashville, Tenn. He frequently covers business, regulatory and lifestyle topics for the magazine and at His work on the “CSA’s Data Trail” series in Overdrive about the federal CSA program was awarded the highest honor in trade journalism – the “Grand Neal” – by American Business Media at the 2014 Jesse H. Neal Awards. Dills’ Channel 19 blog covers a grab bag of on-highway hearsay, owner-operator news and driver views from the roadways the nation over. His work in trucking journalism builds on a background of news feature, fiction and other creative writing and editing. Find him here at the Channel 19 blog and via his Twitter feed, or send tips to or via phone at 205-907-2481.

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