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Dream spills?

| March 09, 2009

It's no laughing matter when a truck tips onto its side, but since two February accidents in Utah saw the rigs' drivers walk away uninjured, we couldn't help but note the timing of the accidents ...

‘Never in trucking history’

| March 06, 2009

Such was the estimation of Jerry Spires of Spires Trucking in Miramar in South Florida, when he was called on by Associated Press reporter Scott Sonner to comment on a Golden Eagle that crashed through ...

This look scary to you?

| March 05, 2009

Trucker Jeff Clark sent in a note to Overdrive and Truckers News' offices objecting to what he called National Public Radio's Here amp; Now program host Robin Young's ">unabashed usage of the term scary trucks"> ...

New vistas, old practices

| March 04, 2009

p align="left"/ppNew Zealand postgraduate student in Antarctic geology Kurt Joy took this pic while on location on the frozen continent. It pretty much sums up life for the researchers there, he says: ">I spent a ...

Side-view writing

| March 03, 2009

Vanessa Leigh Hoffman (pictured, below) began her new book, Rear View Mirror, in the cab of her fiance Joe Cicciaro's 1988 Peterbilt. On runs with tomatoes originating near Cicciaro and Hoffman's home in St. Pete ...

Update: Tony the tiger will stay

| March 02, 2009

Owners of the Tiger Truck Stop in Gross Tete, La., have won their battle at least temporarily to keep their tiger on the premises. Since we blogged about the case in January, Iberville Parish councilmembers ...

Channel 19 live on national TV

| February 27, 2009

From Comedy Central's satirical news and commentary show the Colbert Report With Stephen Colbert comes the video below, based on a incident I blogged about in October, when Texas-based Dan Linscomb was arrested after being ...

Memorializing the Alaskan ‘haul road’

| February 26, 2009

In a Feb. 12 report for the Fairbanks, Alaska, Daily News-Miner, Jeff Richardson tells the story of a commemorative plaque dedicated to the truckers of the Dalton Highway, or the ">haul road," as it's known ...

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