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Chasing the tailgaters

| September 26, 2008

One of Columbus Dispatch political cartoonist Joe Stahler's June 2008 sketches sends up motorists' unsafe driving habits, love of NASCAR and concern for fuel mileage, not necessarily in that order. It features a highway patrolman ...

Tale of two headlines

| September 25, 2008

Contrast these two headlines, both above stories detailing the group Truckers and Citizens of America's protest convoy to the U.S. Capitol Tuesday, Sept. 23:"Trucker Protest Runs Out of Gas" --at the website of third-party-logistics focused ...

On a more serious note

| September 24, 2008

Today, Tennessee DOT workers killed in the line of duty are honored at the Tennessee Smith County Welcome Center off I-40, as Tennessee Department of Transportation Commissioner Gerald Nicely joins family members at 10:30 AM, ...

Beats ‘Where’s the Beef?’

| September 23, 2008

Overdrive Editorial Director Max Heine's wife, Edie, shot this quite unique advertising slogan -- ">DRINKAMUGAMILKAMEAL," just right of the cow -- on a tank trailer while in Oregon, hiking the Cascades. Turns out the ...

What’s the strangest thing you’ve seen on the road?

| September 22, 2008

This thread on Prime's driver forum is more than a little hilarious, we do say (go, Prime drivers!), particularly in light of our recent Bigfoot post. The Prime forum thread details various strange things seen ...

Do they look like truckers to you?

| September 19, 2008

The southern rock outfit Drive-By Truckers -- led by Patterson Hood, son of soon-to-be Musicians Hall-of-Famer David Hood of the infamous Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section -- is back from its first European tour, co-headlining with ...

Blame the Brits for ‘gear change hall of shame’

| September 18, 2008

Big rigs with 18 wheels, and sometimes just as many gears to change, take the heat in name only at the website Truck Driver’s Gear Change Hall of Shame. The site lists sudden and sometimes ...

Keystone no-toll party

| September 17, 2008

Today is Constitution Day, the 221st anniversary of the signing of the U.S. Constitution, which happened in the great state of Pennsylvania, home to one of the oldest tolled roads in the nation, the Pennsylvania ...

Todd Dills

Todd Dills is Senior Editor of Overdrive magazine and writes from Nashville, Tenn. He frequently covers business, regulatory and lifestyle topics for the magazine and at His work on the “CSA’s Data Trail” series in Overdrive about the federal CSA program was awarded the highest honor in trade journalism – the “Grand Neal” – by American Business Media at the 2014 Jesse H. Neal Awards. Dills’ Channel 19 blog covers a grab bag of on-highway hearsay, owner-operator news and driver views from the roadways the nation over. His work in trucking journalism builds on a background of news feature, fiction and other creative writing and editing. Find him here at the Channel 19 blog and via his Twitter feed, or send tips to or via phone at 205-907-2481.

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