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No parking

| November 25, 2008

The Clinton Diner, an inner-city Queens spot made famous for its appearance in Martin Scorsese's Goodfella's and for its popularity with truckers both local and long-haul, made the New York Times last Friday. The primary ...

Big surprise

| November 24, 2008

Con-way Freight linehaul operator Dennis Day, based in Georgia, is now on YouTube, in a video taken after he met with a variety of judges and lawyers at the National Judicial College in Reno, Nev. ...

Time to laugh or cry?

| November 21, 2008

Vincent Gramuglia, owner of the Betty Beaver Truck Stop in Fultonville, N.Y., Exit 28 on the New York Thruway, made a brief appearance in the Albany Times-Union Thursday in a story about the dramatic decline ...

Dually v-chip

| November 20, 2008

A safety technology set to debut on the 2010 Ford Focus and being touted by the auto manufacturer as a way for parents to keep their teens within strict operational limits to enhance safety and ...

The ‘Annie Leibovitz of the trucking world’

| November 19, 2008

An obituary in the Philadelphia Daily News yesterday told the story of Bette Garber, the renowned trucking photographer who passed away last Thursday. In case you missed the two-hour memorial on Sirius last Friday, follow ...


| November 18, 2008

Musician Matt Alber, posting to his blog and the AmpedOut site, says ">LA Truckers Love Gay Marriage." His recent post details his participation in a Los Angeles march in support of gay marriage rights and ...

Truck makers on leading edge

| November 17, 2008

Paccar, Inc., maker of Peterbilt and Kenworth trucks, is singled out in the current edition of IndustryWeek magazine (story available here) for their achievements in the hybrid drivetrain space in commercial truck development and production. ...

The old o’er-hasty all-clear

| November 14, 2008

In a short surveillance video recently posted on Yahoo's Butterfinger Comedy Network, a group of men are denied their opportunity to close the doors on a dry van full of shopping carts at a loading ...

Todd Dills

Todd Dills is Senior Editor of Overdrive magazine and writes from Nashville, Tenn. He frequently covers business, regulatory and lifestyle topics for the magazine and at His work on the “CSA’s Data Trail” series in Overdrive about the federal CSA program was awarded the highest honor in trade journalism – the “Grand Neal” – by American Business Media at the 2014 Jesse H. Neal Awards. Dills’ Channel 19 blog covers a grab bag of on-highway hearsay, owner-operator news and driver views from the roadways the nation over. His work in trucking journalism builds on a background of news feature, fiction and other creative writing and editing. Find him here at the Channel 19 blog and via his Twitter feed, or send tips to or via phone at 205-907-2481.

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