Using free info and free air to extend tire life

Tire inflation tables -- do you use them?

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Your stuff — why do you own it?

When was the last time you thought deeply about the stuff you own?

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Operator to train in CNN’s Fit Nation program this year

Operator to train in CNN's Fit Nation program this year

“I was on my way back to Texas and didn’t have a webcam," says Roadrunner Transportation Services contractor Glenn Keller about the circumstances in which he filmed what has become a winning entry to take part in CNN's 2012 Fit Nation Triathlon Challenge. "I pulled off the interstate, went into a Walmart and bought what I figured would be my last bucket of chicken wings and a webcam. I sat there in the seat of ...

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‘Leave Tony alone’ — An owner-operator on the truck stop tiger

'Leave Tony alone' -- An owner-operator on the truck stop tiger

Animal rights advocates are a vocal bunch, as I've found out over the course of the last several years. Write word one about Tony, the tiger at the Tiger Truck Stop in Gross Tete, La., and you can pretty much place your bets on a blizzard of commentary coming your way. Until recently, much of that commentary, including some of it from actual driver readers of the blog here, has taken the side of the ...

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An owner-operator’s guide to success

Here's a book I recommend to all owner-operators and owner-operator wannabees.

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‘Monkey gouger’ Jimmy Ardis beats the odds to 4 million safe miles

'Monkey gouger' Jimmy Ardis beats the odds to 4 million safe miles

Owner-operator Jimmy Ardis of Sumter, S.C., leased to Moultrie, Ga.-based Sapp Trucking, learned to drive "in a 1971 International 4070 cabover with a 250 Cummins in it," he says, running to the West Coast and back. He'd driven farm tractors prior to that. "I pretty well had it mastered by the time I went over the road." This might be a story emblematic of so many owner-operators', but for the fact that, as is well evident ...

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Don't blame trucking!

Dear Carolyn, I was happily married for five years but as it turns out, my wife was not. She never shared that particular tidbit of information in our short time together. As far as I knew, all was well. I’m not pretending that I’m perfect but I’m not a mind reader either. I came home from a long trip and she had moved out and left me a note saying she was filing for divorce.  No ...

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Our impressions of Landstar BCO Appreciation Days

Diane and I attend Landstar BCO Appreciation Days; our impressions.

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Trucking fruit in Obama’s energy, manufacturing messages

Trucking fruit in Obama's energy, manufacturing messages

If you missed last night's State of the Union address, the President followed in predecessors' footsteps by detailing a veritable laundry list of election-year policy initiatives with no small measure of specific requests for the deadlocked Congress -- many of which, it's sure, will not see the light of day this year. All the same, Obama's vision for boosting American economic prospects holds potential good news for drivers in the area of future infrastructure rebuilding, and ...

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Liking it in Florida

Learning more about our Florida community

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