Five decades of trucking

Overdrive has a big anniversary next year – its 50th. You can e-mail your reflections about trucking to me at or send them to Overdrive, P.O. Box 3187, Tuscaloosa, AL 35403.

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From homeschooled in the cab to Harvard Law

Kerry Anderson may someday be the President of the United States. She's got the educational pedigree, at least, having graduated from Harvard and now contemplating law school -- what's interesting about all this is that according to the feature interview NPR All Things Considered cohost Michele Norris conducted with Kerry Anderson Wednesday, Anderson is the daughter of a long-hauling mother who schooled her daughter in large part from the sleeper cab of her truck. "A lot of our schooling ...

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Suvey says DOT’s happy, how ’bout you?

We couldn't help but chuckle here at Overdrive HQ when we saw a particular press release blast from the U.S. Department of Transportation's halls a couple weeks back now. Its title, "Latest Survey Shows DOT Employee Satisfaction on the Rise," read to our trucking ears like a piece of news full of all manner of comic, satirical potential, given the daily discontent we hear from the trucking public about the department's continual mucking up/messing with the ...

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A Jazzy Jordan racecar design; more from the run

Since Jasmine "Jazzy" Jordan completed her run across the United States to benefit the St. Christopher Truckers Development & Relief Fund, haulers around the nation have used the internet to send out mini-tributes to her historic effort, from posted pictures (such as the one here from Robert Curran, of Jazzy signing his flatbed) and anecdotes on blogs and more; others have custom-designed tribute slogans and placed them in various spots on their trucks and trailers. But ...

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U.S. Army’s self-driving truck a long way from the action

Check out the latest edition of the DTI, or Defense Technology International, journal, and you'll get an electronic whiff of the latest experiment in a self-driving truck -- this one from Lockheed Martin and steered by the company's Convoy Active Safety Technology, or CAST, being employed on a few prototype U.S. Army Tank Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center trucks on Ft. Hood, Texas. Like the VORAD systems on some commercial rigs on the roads ...

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Better now

We did the Green Bay 1.5 mile walk on Saturday. There were 12 participants. It was 12 more than last year, but about half what I expected. I had been a little down over the low turnout. The walk itself was an excellent time. It was along the Fox River on Green Bay’s boardwalk. With that few people it left plenty of time to shake every hand and thank everyone for coming. On Sunday I just ...

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News flash: Owner-operator likes electronic logs

Jeffersonville, Ind.-based owner-operator Perry Famularo says he "was one of those guys who said, 'If you make me go to electronic logs, I’m out of here.'" Leased to Dart Transit, though, he was presented with the opportunity a couple years ago to try out one of the PeopleNet eLogs units the mostly owner-operator carrier was beginning to test and offer its contractors. As Famularo tells it, "Dart asked me would I want to experiment with one. I said, 'Well sure, I’m willing to ...

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Former trucker walloped by ‘double rainbow’

It was probably only a matter of time before a driver produced one of those viral videos that tickles the funny bones of million of users worldwide -- Paul Vasquez, described as a "former trucker" (according the Vasquez interview in the Merced Sun Star, he drove until about 2004, when his weight forced him off the road) who lives in the Mariposa, Calif., took the double rainbow video you've probably seen making its way around the ...

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If you missed it, get over to Overdrive sister magazine Custom Rigs' website for John Riccio's story about the recent Transport for Christ Truck Rally at the Lebanon Valley Expo Center in Lebanon, Pa., which "has rocked Lebanon for the past 29 years," Riccio wrote, himself the proprietor over at, a veritable treasure of Riccio and fellow photographers' work shooting the rigs that are the headliners of any trucking show, big or small.  As Riccio ...

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‘No Parking’ — another day in the trucking headlines

As the folks with report a soon-to-be-released musical paean to the truck parking legislation known as Jason's Law, there are at least two new blows to truck parking availability worldwide: The first comes from Arnold, Mo., where state rep and former truck driver Tim Meadows was on record supporting an aggressive local ban on truck parking on on- and off-ramps in the city limits, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch article about the ban. "We have ...

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