Holding pattern: Van, reefer rates flat nationally but some markets heat up

Rates on the lane from Buffalo to Allentown, Pa.¸ were up 13 cents to an average of $2.59 per mile. The Midwest has also been improving, with outbound prices up in both Columbus and Chicago.

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Used truck pricing update: 3-5-year-old sleeper tractors lag behind 2015, but remain stable

“The cohort with the best value retention looks to be trucks of model year 2013 with 400,000 to 500,000 miles,” says NADA's Chris Visser. “Trucks in this age and mileage range have consistently returned prices in the low- to mid- $40,000 range since January."

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Republican, Democratic platforms mum on trucking but for infrastructure investment plans

The two major political parties in the U.S. said very little about trucking in their official 2016 platforms. The two also offer different paths forward for the country's transportation infrastructure. Details here...

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KeepTruckin ELD now on FMCSA’s registry

Since the KeepTruckin logbook app initially launched three years ago, followed by a low-cost ELD in October 2015, the company's undertaken "a full-on effort in both hardware and software development focused on user experience" and with an eye toward compliance with the ELD mandate.

Read More, CargoNet partner on new cargo theft alert system is set to announce Aug. 11 that it has entered into a partnership with cargo theft prevention firm CargoNet to provide alerts of theft instances and reported fraudulent activity to users.

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Showers, free truck parking available at GATS

Free truck parking will be available at the GATS Community Tailgate at the Cotton Bowl’s Fair Park, which is less than four miles from the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center. Shuttles will be available to and from the lot throughout the show.

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POLL: How do you handle your IFTA reporting and info recording?

Owner-operators, how do you handle your IFTA reporting and data collection -- pen-and-paper or electronic records? Specialized software? Third-party filing services? Or does your leasing carrier handle it? Weigh in here.

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Owner-operator Dan Heister on the right loads, tolerating ‘trucking’s BS’ and the importance of savings accounts

While others are sitting, Heister’s rolling. And his strategy pays him well: He’s brought home more than $100,000 in annual net income several times since the recession, and he topped $90,000 last year.

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Diesel’s summer slide continues as prices drop 3.2 cents in last week

The cheapest diesel is in the Gulf Coast region at $2.184 per gallon, followed by the Lower Atlantic region at $2.241 per gallon.

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FreightWatch: Second quarter cargo theft incidents, values fall

FreightWatch found an average loss value of $154,184 in the 166 thefts, which is a 16 percent decrease in value from 2015’s second quarter.

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