Health tip: Avoid the “dieting” stigma

Instead, try to make positive changes by eating healthier and finding some type of physical activity to do.

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Health tip: Don’t skip meals

Keeping your blood sugar level balanced throughout the day is an important factor in weight loss.

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The healthiest frozen pizzas

While a fresh-made, hot pizza is often a more appealing pie, frozen pizzas are often healthier choices. Here are some to look for.

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Portable induction cooktop

The Max Burton Induction Cooktop is a portable cooktop that uses magnetic waves instead of microwaves to heat food.

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Single serve travel blender

The Hamilton Beach single-serve blender with travel lid can make convenient smoothies you can take with you on the road without wasting cups.

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Health tip: Don’t dwell on it

This applies to both good dieting days and poor ones.

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Choosing a sausage biscuit

Sometimes, all you have time for is a quick, microwavable breakfast. Try these sausage biscuits to get the healthiest choices.

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The healthy choices at Chipotle

When you want Mexican cuisine to order, sometimes there can be a lot of choices. If you want to watch your health, try these options.

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Choosing a burger

Cheeseburgers are some of the simplest meals, and one of the easiest to grab when you're on the road. Try these fast food burgers for a healthier option.

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Energy crystal drink additive

Fein is an all-natural neuro-active beverage crystal in single-serving “sticks” that can be added to water or any other liquid without changing the flavor.

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