Operator’s new book details fitness turnaround

Mike Sammons' "Working Man's Road to Weight Loss" details the driver's story to losing more than half his body weight in a quest for better health.

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Health tip: Switch ranch dressing with vinaigrette

Boost your body’s ability to burn fat by switching your salad dressing from ranch to vinaigrette.

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Organic or not?

The benefits and drawbacks of organic food -- and strategies toward deciding when and where to buy and eating organic on the road.

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Health tip: Safflower oil

Add safflower oil, a polyunsaturated fat that contains essential omega-6 fatty acids, to your pantry.

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Health tip: Keep your arteries healthy

A high-potassium diet helps keep arteries healthy and may lower your risk of stroke.

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Health tip: Cut down on salt

Too much salt can make you feel bloated and contributes to high blood pressure.

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Health tip: Pay cash to lose weight

A study in the Journal of Consumer Research says that people are more likely to buy unhealthy foods when they pay using debit or credit cards.

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Healthy sides at Wendy’s

Instead of French fries, look to some healthier alternatives for things to eat with your hamburger at Wendy's.

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Doc’s advice: ‘Eat more color’

Overdrive correspondent Wendy Parker reports from her yearly visit to the doc with some helpful tips for diet, activity levels and overall health.

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Health tip: Eat hearty cereal

To prevent high blood pressure, start each day with a bowl of whole-grain variety cereal.

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