A compact workout

| April 17, 2012

It's 10 minutes before you need to hit the road again. Enough for a walk? Maybe not. To keep your body healthy, you should implement a regimen balancing cardiovascular exercise with lifting weights or practicing ...

Butt out: How to quit smoking

Carolyn Magner | April 09, 2012

FIT FOR THE ROAD/The incredible physical and emotional dependence a user has on nicotine makes quitting a challenge.

Two wheels to 18

Todd Dills | April 01, 2012

PROFILE/LOREN LOWRY/A ride along with Jeff Ward Racing Supercross team transporter driver Loren Lowry.

Racing’s young guns

Kay Bell | April 01, 2012

VIEWS FROM THE GRANDSTANDS/Newbies have invaded NASCAR, boding well for the sport’s future

Already Over Her

Carolyn Magner | April 01, 2012

I'M JUST SAY'N/But don’t settle out of fear of being alone.

Trucker’s buddy

Todd Dills | April 01, 2012

PROFILE/JEFF ZEHRER/Inspired by lifetime friend with ALS, owner-operator launches toolbox system for driver-side storage compartments.

Finding support to kick the habit

Kathleen Buccleugh | April 01, 2012

HEALTHY OBSESSION/Just as creating a habit of exercising is easier when you have a partner to encourage you, quitting a bad habit such as smoking is easier when you have a partner to discourage you — from smoking!

The right attire

| March 30, 2012

I've been working really hard these past few weeks to set aside more time to exercise, and sometimes I have to fit it in between work and church, or other activities. I keep a few ...

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