Battle of Sugars: Sucrose versus corn syrup

Phil Owen | June 01, 2012

There is an ongoing debate in our society about which is healthier for you: good old-fashioned sucrose, otherwise known as sugar, or high fructose corn syrup. Not many people believe high fructose corn syrup is healthier, as the debate typically centers on whether the advent of the substance as a sweetener in the United States is to blame for the obesity epidemic.

Beware the fad diet

Kathleen Buccleugh | June 01, 2012

From counting calories to cutting carbs to searching high and low for low-fat and low-sodium foods, I’ve tested — unsuccessfully — many fad diets.

Celadon named 2012 Healthy Trucking Fleet of the Year

| May 15, 2012

The first Healthy Trucking Fleet of the Year award, a collaboration between FusionHealth and Navistar, was presented to Celadon Group Inc. at its headquarters in Indianapolis, Ind.

Eating regularly improves health

| May 01, 2012

FIT FOR THE ROAD -- Regular meals are an important part of healthy eating.

Hydration 101: No substitute for water

| May 01, 2012

HEALTHY OBSESSION -- Even in the midst of your hectic schedule on the road, you must drink water.

Rolling Strong creates health/wellness app

| April 25, 2012

Rolling Strong’s RoadApp to Wellness is a free app downloadable to any iPhone, iPad or computer via

A compact workout

| April 17, 2012

It's 10 minutes before you need to hit the road again. Enough for a walk? Maybe not. To keep your body healthy, you should implement a regimen balancing cardiovascular exercise with lifting weights or practicing ...

Butt out: How to quit smoking

Carolyn Magner | April 09, 2012

FIT FOR THE ROAD/The incredible physical and emotional dependence a user has on nicotine makes quitting a challenge.

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