Fit for the Road

Carolyn Mason | September 01, 2010

Truckers with diabetes or pre-diabetes may feel overwhelmed by the misinformation, stereotypes and myths about the disease.

Eat this, not that: Burger King

| August 21, 2010

Steering clear of the Whopper and fries can save calories and fat and add protein to your meal.

Join us at GATS!

| August 11, 2010

Something sort of amazing has happened in the past month. Truckers News' Fit for the Road program decided to put together a 5K event for the Great American Trucking Show. We figured the turnout might be ...

Burning sensation

Misty Bell | August 01, 2010

For many, heartburn is a chronic issue, even occurring as often as daily.

Meeting Lily

Misty Bell | August 01, 2010

Lily, an owner-operator leased to Forward Air, is part of the Trucking Health Solutions Group, which helped put on the health walk at our Great West Truck Show and will again be hosting a walk this month at GATS in Dallas.

Stopping stress

Misty Bell | July 01, 2010

There are innate stressors that come with being a trucker, but you can alleviate them. Also, the vitals on vitamins.

Before it's too late

| July 01, 2010

If it’s a matter of your life or the job, make the right choice, and don’t leave your loved ones wondering why.

Eat this, Not that: Canned lunch

| June 19, 2010

Sometimes, lunch has to be quick and easy, especially on the road. So, know which can to grab when you're in a hurry.

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