Make your vote count

| June 08, 2008

Find out how to register to vote and send in an absentee ballot for your state. Absentee ballots make it possible for...

Mentoring the masses

| June 07, 2008

Canadian truck driver Doug Ladds. Me, I want to live with my feet in Dixie And my head in the cool blue North - J...

Letters to the Editor: One Mean Road

| June 07, 2008

I read your story "Dangerous Roads" and thought I would put my two cents in. The worst stretch of road I ev...

Show on the road

| June 07, 2008

John Randle Publisher If we can't bring the trucker t...

Fleet Insider

| June 07, 2008

DTI Driver Logs 3 Million Miles Dot Transportation Inc. recently announced that driver Monti Estes has eclipsed the 3-million-m...

Stricter CDL regs

| June 07, 2008

The FMCSA rulemaking proposes tougher documentation requirements, as well as for states to recognize commercial learner's permits issue...

My name is

| June 07, 2008

Harold Lloyd My age is

Racing Beat: Family tradition

| June 07, 2008

Clay Campbell For NASCAR fans who sunk their teeth into the sport during its early days, Martinsville (Va.) Speedway ...

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