Nov. 9, 2006

| November 09, 2006

Rick Sousa of Portsmouth, R.I., hauls sand and gravel in summer and road salt in winter in this 2004 Pete 379 extended ho...

New oil on the block

| November 08, 2006

When you check the level in your crankcase, you'll find the level higher if using CJ-4. That means money saved on make-up oil. ...

November 2, 2006

| November 02, 2006

This 2002 Peterbilt daycab has a 550-hp Caterpillar engine and an 18-speed Fuller transmission. It's owned by Michael Br...

Alaska's haul road

| November 01, 2006

A Truckers News editor shares a bumpy, long, well-lit day in the life of a veteran hauler on one of the continent's most dangerous truc...

My name is

| October 30, 2006

Rudy Melendez I drive for

Should I flaunt it?

| October 30, 2006

Carolyn Magner Dear Carolyn, Twenty years ago I married ...


| October 30, 2006

Decker Drivers Decker Truck Line has named Michael Featherston as the August 2006 Driver/Owner-Operator of the Month for the co...

We've come a long way

| October 30, 2006

By Randy Grider Editor Many veteran drivers harp back to...

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