‘Restart snapback?’ Will FMCSA try to reinstitute 2013 restart rules after Sept. 30?

The current stay of enforcement of the 2013-implemented rules governing truckers’ use of a 34-hour hours-of-service restart could be removed as soon as Sept. 30, 2015, according to the text of the law that temporarily suspended the rules.

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Gear Rewind: Lubricants and Coolants

This week we’re resuming our series that takes a look back at some recent product introductions for specific categories and specs. After all, since most of you are busy enough trying to manage your own business and make as much money as possible, it’s likely you occasionally might have missed a few gear rollouts over the past few months. So that's why we’re hitting rewind on some new lubricant and coolant products to help you ...

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DOT taking comment from truckers, public on size and weight report

That report ultimately yielded the conclusion that too little data exists on size and weight risks and infrastructure concerns to raise the current limits.

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Detention détente: Chance 2 Transport

“If you need a 10-hour break at the place you’re delivering," the Delaware, Ohio, Kroger facility "is a good place to go.” --C2T owner Rod Miller, who takes an active role in detention management, on a particular problem receiver

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E-log enforcement: Will it be ‘one strike, you’re out’? That and more from FTR conference

“It’s a mandatory regulation,” said former FMCSA head Annette Sandberg, meaning enforcers likely will drop a carriers’ safety rating to Unsatisfactory, giving them 60 days to comply with the rule or be shut down, she says.

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Overnight lane closures: Upcoming in Michigan and Virginia; Nashville I-40 shutdown repeat

I-64 affected in Virginia through next week in both directions (MM 250-255) overnight, likewise Monday in Michigan I-94 in Washtenaw County. Nashville downtown -- I-40 closing again over the weekend.

Read More revamps Trans4Cast weekly trucking market report

The weekly report offers analysis of spot market conditions and rates.

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Mailbag: ‘All about the money’? — Reader views on increasing truck weight

A sizable majority of Overdrive readers (64 percent) see negative primary consequences of any significant rise in interstate truck weight limits. Find a bevy of views in this mailbag podcast.

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Why you deserve $64/hour for detention

Calculating a fair detention rate: A majority of operators indicate either total revenue per mile (38 percent) or profit/net income per mile + fixed cost per mile (45 percent) as appropriate benchmarks for detention rates.

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Drivewyze bypass option expanding

Mississippi and eight other states have chosen to expand their Drivewyze bypass programs to a bevy of new sites.

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