Your way

| October 19, 2008

Bernie Early, a Rockabilly Hall-of-Famer, says the purpose of his new Highway My Way album is to provide publicity and support for truck...

Changes in attitude

| October 19, 2008

October Health Hero Scott Marinello When Scott Marinello of Garland, Texas, decides to make life changes, he's not ...

Launching TNTV

| October 19, 2008

John Randle Publisher Most truckers have experienced th...

Music Reviews: New lights and second chances

| October 19, 2008

Around the Bend - Randy Travis In the late 1980s, Randy Travis stormed into Nashville and helped launch the new country traditio...

Over and out, snowman

| October 19, 2008

Randy Grider Editor I received a couple of phone calls f...

My name is

| October 19, 2008

Deidrich Kemp Hometown

July 24, 2008

| September 10, 2008

When Juan Gonzalez bought this '57 Pete, it had three colors and did not even run. Now it's his pride and joy. ...

2008 Great American Trucking Family: Miller Time

| September 02, 2008

Members of the Miller family pictured are: (back, l-r) Carol Miller, Dennis Miller, Wilson Miller, Tommy Beltz, Greg Miller, Mike Miller...

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