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Why aren’t 20-somethings interested in truck driving?

A bevy of voices in response to one twenty-something's prescription for the industry on attracting the next generation of drivers.

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Keystone XL: Congress sends approval bill to the White House

Legislation granting necessary approvals for the pipeline has now passed both houses of Congress -- President has signaled he would veto the measure.

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POLL: What mpg is your fuel surcharge based on?

With some carriers shifting upward the mpg their fuel-surcharge contracts are based on, what's behind your own calculations of surcharges, such as they exist?

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Not so fast on med cards: Non-CDL commercial drivers still must carry

Non-CDL holders are not required to self-certify or submit a copy of their medical card to their state licensing agency. Given such commercial drivers don't self-certify, if you are one of them, keep carrying the card.

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Strong voices on parking

Conversations on the situation continue in the wake of mainstream media attention to truckers' parking needs.

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One bull hauler’s mid-1980s test

The 1979 Kenworth W900 -- pictured above hooked to a 1976 Barrett cattle trailer -- is the truck Don Christner was running as a company driver in 1985 when the story below took place. Before that, as a 19-year-old in 1984 he took his maiden turn in the KW for Barger Grain Co. out of Wauneta, Neb., as he posted to the Reader Rigs gallery at this link recently. "I have a good handful of photos of this truck ...

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The champions of the mom-and-pop truck stop

Driver Jeff Barker, with Debra Miller and Todd Ramey, is currently operating a Facebook group dedicated to sharing information on independent mom-and-pop truck stops.

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Trucking groups on FMCSA’s crash accountability study: Incomplete data in CSA still inexcusable

NASTC, ATA, OOIDA and most readers lodge displeasure with FMCSA's crash-fault analysis, while some readers suggest the feds may have it right in reticence to rely on police reports to assess fault.

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Craig Ryan’s 1965 International CO4000: Lookback photos, more

Craig Ryan gives a personal account of his brief time trucking leased to Dart and otherwise hauling bees in the 70s and shares photos of his 1965 International CO4000 cabover.

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Parking shortage hits the mainstream

A Wall Street Journal story last week took on the issue of the difficulties faced by truckers finding a safe parking spot in widespread congested areas around the nation.

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