Fixing the 14-hour rule: FMCSA moving closer to flexible sleeper-split pilot program

Kelly Regal, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's associate administrator for research and information technology, outlined the agency's research work around sleep and fatigue at the Managing Fatigue international conference in San Diego, Calif., Tuesday. Of perhaps principle interest to owner-operators, Regal updated attendees on progress toward what she's calling the FMCSA's "Flexible sleeper berth pilot program." It's been more than a year since any news emerged about it, following its contracting to the Virginia Tech ...

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FMCSA withdraws rule reforming carrier safety rating system

Due to widespread concern over the rule’s reliance on the CSA program’s Safety Measurement System BASIC ratings — which themselves have also been pulled from public view due to concerns about their accuracy in judging carriers’ safety — FMCSA will withdraw the SFD proposal all together.

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‘Driverless’ vehicles: Their inevitability and increased fatigue risks

In the scrum over autonomous vehicles, news from the 10th annual international "Managing Fatigue" conference in San Diego sees the fatigue science and regulatory community bracing for tech advancements. Some research shows counterintuitive safety results, however.

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Driver training rule effective date delayed another 60 days due to Trump regs freeze

The effective date of a rule establishing nationwide minimum training standards for entry-level truck drivers has been further delayed due to ongoing regulatory review by President Trump and his staff.

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‘Learning to truck’ with W. Joel Baker, and a verse salute from Kevin Barrett

Owner-operator W. Joel Baker, founder of the free TruckBytes accounting software for owner-ops, launches a new resource site for those getting into the business, And: Kevin Barrett's rhyming couplets salute the driver.

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Sun-up in the oil patch, and: ’14-hour rule is the real issue’

G'mornin', drivers. One beauty of a scene from the Reader Rigs gallery, posted on Tuesday by John Reinhardt, a sunrise early-early in the oil patch in Texas "way out in nowhere," Reinhardt wrote, north of Pecos. And: More from Gary Carlisle on the 14-hour rule/ELDs one-two punch.

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Hours of service and the need for flexibility: What docs, nurses and truckers have in common

Parallels in nursing and trucking hours regs and practices, as the debate over flexibility continues in both: "None of the issues regarding sleep-deprived safety will be solved with a one-size-fits-all rule, in any industry, as long as human beings are doing the jobs."

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Owner-operator Scott Reed, Rich Wilson and legislative influence on hours and ELDs

Owner-operator Scott Reed and TCRG Consulting's Richard Wilson stepped into the office of Ohio rep. Jim Jordan a week and a half ago to deliver a message on hours and ELDs. The main takeaway? Truckers need more flexibility.

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After the coming discontinuation of its uDrove ELD, is committed to assisting customers in finding a new vendor individually and, as was revealed in conversation with Overdrive, collectively. The company is building an ELD marketplace for vetted companies to debut this summer.

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Getting into an ELD just got a little less expensive

The Continental VDO RoadLog dedicated e-logger isn't the only electronic logging device in the no-monthly-fee camp anymore. Introducing here two BYOD/smartphone-app-based ELDs that flip the BYOD pricing model on his head.

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