Maximum Control pre-heater family introduced

  |  March 07, 2012

Espar introduced a new family of truck coolant pre-heater control systems today at the NTEA Work Truck Show in Indianapolis, Ind.

Corrosion-preventing connectors

  |  March 07, 2012

Available in July 2012, Sta-Dry Weather-Tite Connectors, a new seven-way male connector plug with integrated seals, keep moisture from entering electrical systems and, in turn, helps prevent corrosion. The two connectors, a durable glass filled nylon ...

CSA-compliant, conspicuity-taped mud flaps

  |  March 06, 2012

Betts Spring spring-loaded mud flap hangers feature integrated conspicuity tape specially created for new CSA standards. Because of integrated conspicuity, there is no need for a separate conspicuity strip and additional extended hanger to display ...

Tire monitoring system

  |  March 05, 2012

Aeris, an automatic tire inflation system based on rotary-sealing technology and electronic airflow detection, contains several one-way pressure relief valves per axle and electronic flow detection technology that informs the driver of adjustments needed to ...

UT-1 UnderTray System

  |  March 05, 2012

The UT-1 Undertray System aerodynamic add-on improves airflow, fuel efficiency and tire and brake cooling with a two-component design, the company says. The system is easily installed, has significant ground clearance and reduces the high-drag, ...

Electrical connector kits available

  |  March 02, 2012

Free kits to connect your truck to the electric grid are available through a federally funded program. Shorepower Technologies and Cascade Sierra Solutions are providing 1,300 connector kits through the U.S. Department of Energy Recovery Act ...

How to: Do a Brake Job

John Baxter   |  March 01, 2012

All the parts of the brake system wear, so replace all working parts, not just the linings.

Tried and true

Steve Sturgess (Photos by Steve Sturgess)   |  March 01, 2012

COVER STORY/ Cascadia quickly earns street cred as an aerodynamic leader on nation’s highways.