Changing Gear: Truck and engine rewind

  |  April 06, 2015

This week we’re resuming our series that takes a look back at some recent product introductions for specific categories and specs. After all, since most of you are busy enough trying to manage your own ...

South Dakota pushes speed limit to 80 mph

Todd Dills & James Jaillet   |  April 02, 2015

Know before you go: Most commercial truck tires are rated at 75 mph max speed -- prolonged running above that will build excessive heat, accelerate wear and could cause blowouts.

MATS notebook: Minimizer gives away $30k, BestPass releases new transponder

  |  April 01, 2015

A few notes and news from last week’s Mid-America Trucking Show that we missed last week, including Minimizer's long-awaited announcement and updates from Flow Below and BestPass.

Next round of emissions, fuel economy regs move closer to implementation

  |  April 01, 2015

The new fuel economy and greenhouse gas emissions standards would go into effect for 2018 model year vehicles, building upon the Phase 1 fuel economy and emissions standards that went into effect last year.

Changing Gear: Updates from Yokohama, Bosch, Donaldson, Ryder, ZF

  |  March 30, 2015

Yokohama Tire Corp. is rolling down the virtual highway more smoothly thanks to its recently launched dedicated commercial tire website,, and the company says the site has a lot more than just its full ...

WABCO introduces updated active safety system with alerts, autonomous braking

  |  March 28, 2015

WABCO launched its most advanced collision mitigation system yet at the 2015 Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville, Ky., this week.

Hyper-fuel-efficient concept tractor-trailer in development by Shell, AirFlow

  |  March 27, 2015

Shell Lubricants announced March 26 it has partnered with AirFlow Truck Company to develop a hyper-fuel-efficient Class 8 truck and trailer concept vehicle. The announcement came at a press briefing at the Mid-America Trucking Show ...

Volvo updates I-Shift, unveils liftable axle system for 6×2 applications

  |  March 26, 2015

Volvo launched several new initiatives at the Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville, Ky., March 26, including a specialized I-Shift automated transmission for severe duty applications and a new Adaptive Loading System based around an automatically-controlled 6×2 liftable forward axle.