Fit for duty: Vets find new life in trucking

  |  August 09, 2012

Carriers are looking for a few good men – and women – to drive their trucks. Military veterans fill the bill.

Ruling to decide fate of Navistar’s non-compliant engines

  |  August 07, 2012

The EPA has filed its ruling about Navistar's non-compliant engines, and details are expected soon.

Report: Natural gas a critical fuel for U.S. transportation sector

  |  August 07, 2012

A study of alternative fuel options for on-road transportation has concluded that natural gas is a promising fuel from both an economic and technology perspective.

Diesel price rises for fifth straight week

  |  August 07, 2012

The national average retail diesel price climbed 5.4 cents to $3.85 a gallon during the week ended Monday, Aug. 6.

Ahead of the curve: VN 670 test drive

  |  August 05, 2012

The Volvo VN, still true to its roots, evolves to new levels of performance, aerodynamics and safety.

Navistar’s new strategy includes Cummins engines

  |  August 03, 2012

Navistar says it will reestablish a relationship with Cummins and begin offering the ISX15 15-liter diesel engine in certain models in January 2013.

Six pounds of soot could be lurking in your oil

  |  August 02, 2012

EGR-only engines put up to six pounds of soot into oil during a 40,000-mile interval.

Exavating company wins Cat CT660

  |  July 21, 2012

Barging and excavating company LPA Inc. was delivered a Caterpillar CT660 dump truck June 13 at a celebration held for the company's victory.